About Me

Most companies have an "about us" section that discusses the company. To put it plain, this company was developed very quickly because of a need to have jewelry that reflects and expresses me. 

I have been shopping for something unique and missed the mark. I've gotten personalized items that only give me the option for an initial charm. It seems that in general companies do a good job, but what about the parts of me I want to scream proudly about....? Well, you know what they say about if you want something done right; so I'm doing it. I don't know about right, but my entire collection speaks to me in ways that make me smile, shake my head, laugh out loud, and cry.

I hope this collection speaks to you in the same ways. I hope that you find joy, peace, excitement, and most of all yourself in what I have pieced together. Be on the lookout! I am adding new charms frequently and plan to expand to necklaces very soon.

Stay proud!